Monday, December 14, 2009

Lada 2107 review.

Having a lada 2107 for a year and half now experiencing with it every thing that a car can do, i write this review.

Why LADA??
If you are a fresh grad, a young employee or a guy with a relatively low budget to buy a car, lada is the right car. The lada 2107 can keep going without spending a penny on it, with a powerfull 1.6 Liters engine, it can go almost forever without complaining, it is normal to hear some sounds here and there and that is not considered complaining. The egyptian manufactured lada 2107 is a good car compared to its price, mine's birthdate is 2008.

When to buy a LADA?
- When you want to get a car early with a low budget as of less than 50,000 L.E
- When you want to drive a car without spending much on its maintenance, a money amount of 500 L.E is considered a fortune to repair the car.
- When you do not care about your friends' talks about driving an old fashoined car.
- When you want to have a car that can be sold the same day you decide to sell it. The reselling of LADA is very easy.
- When you want a car that can be fixed by any mechanic even if he learned how to fix cars yesterday.
- When you want a heavy duty car that can work in any conditions.
- When you expect to tune somethings in the car in the first 2 months of buying it.
- When you usually drive your car in streets full of microbuses and taxi cars, lada can get into hard core battles without even getting a scratch.

When not to buy a LADA?
- If luxury is at your highest prioirites.
- If you care about people's opinions about driving an old fashioned car.
- If you do not want to keep an eye and an ear on your car for continous tuning.
- If your budget for a car is higher than 60,000 L.E.
- If you do not have muscles that needs exercising.

When to sell your LADA?
- When your budget gets higher and you can afford luxurious cars.
- When you get tired of driving it for long trips, lada is really not good for continous driving for more than 3 hours.
- When you plan to get a married :); girls do not like her (jealousy of course).

Generally, the car can serve very well if you know exactly what to expect from her, it is stronger than the korean and chineese cars, but lacks almost all the factors of luxury and the options for a comfortable ride, it is a car meant to move from one point to another without much care for the human driving it, for me; it served my needs for the last year and half more than perfect.

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