Sunday, April 05, 2009

Two sides, Two teams.

One of the greatest characteristics of Egyptians, is that they always have to be on one side or another, meaning; that an Egyptian can not stop supporting football, he is either fan of Ahly or Zamalek, if you listen to the very long quarrels between fans about how the Ahly is greater and how Zamalek is just a team with bad luck, people try to defend decision makers at either of the two clubs and try always to justify and defend, i do not know what do they get from that??, it is all about just to be on one side aainst another side, the idea of 2 teams is totally deep in our culture, a third team is not acceptable, only two teams, two sides.

The same applies to many situations in our life every day, people must always be on one of two sides. A guy in the street fought with a taxi driver, people will not just stop the fight, you will always see that kind of person who starts to stand with one side against the other despite he does not know anything about what really happened or what lead to this situation, just judging by the overall look of the situation. People always try to judge and start blaming right away without thinking, or even taking a while to see if they are concerned about what is happening or not.

We must stop thinking with that shallow way, we must learn to look beyond what is on the surface, we must seek truth even it is not easy to know, think of how many times we missjudged someone due to rush and illogic reading of situations, and how many times you treated someone badly based on some words?.

It is in us to start blaming as fast as we can, be patient, be logic, be postive.

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Ala'a said...

Also we are those who categorize others in only 2 teams :)