Sunday, September 21, 2008


i dun know what to say, i dun have anything in mind to talk about i just feel bad , depressed and demotivated. Loosing hope was never one of my characteristics, but i think i can stop hoping now and just let things go. Allah has made people each with his own destiny, some people just have many good things they dun adore, and others in great need of very simple things. Money, fame and power are just nothing compared to many other givings.
Not every one get what he wants, there are people who get things nice and easy, and others have to make great effort and bare a lot to get the least of what they want, and others keep trying without any result. Sadly our minds are thinking, if we have faith, i mean true faith, nothing would bother us, and any problem can pass without affecting us, but we are humans, and we must get affected. It is all tests and we have to get past them. the thing is how many times a normal human can bare failure?? how many times his energy and enthusiasm can be enough to pass through bad situations and continue?, every one has a limit, and it is better to know your limits so you can stop hoping or dreaming of something, it is good to know exactly when you are exhausted enough to simply give up.

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