Saturday, August 16, 2008

how many times did u ask about anything with the question "why"?.
Believe me, not many people ask this question, most people ask with "how", however, "why" has more priority over how, because without a cause, you don't need to know how, it becomes meaningless.
"Why" is the reason for humanity existence, "why" is the main cause of advancements in any field, "why" is the real motivator for humans to keep going. Humans are curious by nature to know "why " many things are there.
Why may sometimes become a self destructive weapon when it is over used. The Western civilization is over using why to ask and doubt of Allah's existence, life nature, religion, death, and soul. There are some regions that "why" cannot be applied to, because if you start asking "why" it may lead to a "no" which may lead eventually to wrong actions.
"Why" is very important, when you are working you must have a "why" in mind, either wise you'll be demotivated much faster than you can ever imagine. We are alive just to ask "why" and to create the "how".
If you can work on anything for long times without asking "why" then you either have a real problem or simply you have been in living in Egypt for a relatively long time.

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