Saturday, August 23, 2008

Once, a guy was living in a world full of smoke and mist, nothing clear could be defined around him, every thing is vague and not clear. He didn't have a home, but from inside, he knew that his home surely exists some where in the mist. He started seeing probable homes for him from time to time within the mist, however, he did not want A home, he wanted HIS home, he really needed it, he missed it.
Time passed and the guy did not find his home, but he never surrendered looking for it, and one day, he saw his home just few feet away from him, so, he ran, ran,ran with all the power he got, he was very ambitious to reach his home, he kept running even faster without rest until he became facing his home, but suddenly, his home ran away from him until it totally disappeared in the mist. The guy felt sad and desperate, but he pulled himself together and started wandering again in the mist hoping to find his home again. It happened again, yes, he saw his home again, but this time it looked different, it has different shape and style, but he knew that this is home, so, again he ran until he reached the home feeling happiness like he never felt before, but sadly, the same thing happened again, his home got away exactly the same way it did before, this time he felt more sadder and more desperate, and it took sometime for him to stand up and continue his trip.
It kept happening again and again, until the guy felt hopeless, and he adapted living in the mist with limited vision and feeling lost and he managed to forget about his home, however, it was inside him, he cant stop looking for his home. After a long time, he far sighted his home again, he tried to ignore it, but he couldn't. This time he walked towards it very slowly, he proceeded with extreme caution, he knew that the home might go away again and now he does not have the power to overcome the feeling of desperation, he knew that loosing his home is very painful this time than ever before, but he proceeded hoping for better end. It took him much time to reach his home just to find the same thing happening again.
This time he gave it much time of thinking and after a while he knew that if what he saw is really his home, it would have never ran away from him, a home needs the inhabitant very much exactly as the inhabitant wants his home, he knew that his home is now looking for him exactly as he does to find it, he must overcome his sadness and desperation and keep wandering until he finds his home running towards him the same way he does. He believed that if the last sighted home is really his home, then it would come looking for him again, but if not, then it must be for some other lucky guy looking for his home.

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Bgd its amazing post , i dont know what else 2 say !