Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Great Microsoft, that's really great. Now it is normal to find a new version of .Net framework each sunrise with more set of mouse click features and more and more bug fixes, as well as service packs for windows, that's all normal and bearable to some extent.

What is not bearable is when hallucination is out of control to the level of the invention a new title for software developers in order to give new technologies some respect and some fake importance. A Deviner is the new title for some software guys who deal with silver light, XAML and those kind of stuff, sure, they are normal developers but related to UI and intreraction with users, but just to continue faking people as well as it self, microsoft must start to show up and begin doing those kind of propaganda, so you can find a guy who design web pages as well as some modules of the backend to call himself a deviner!!, and start to feel that he is a great developer just because of a new title invented by some marketing guys, all crap!!.

Really, this is it, enough ruining the software engineering field, enough going after those fake titles, a developer is a developer, not a deviner and not a deseloper, the act of mixing things up is always the way of Microsoft to ruin things, a graphics or UI designer will be always a designer and the developer is always a developer and the two guys will always depend on each other.

From now on, do not ask me why do you hate Microsoft, because the answer can be written in a whole book.

Note: thanks to hossam who firstly called a deseloper. You have a great future at Microsoft.


Ramy Mahrous said...

Is that wrong? or MS mistake??
look, MS from the first time of Expression blend release, they say we working for simplfying both tasks without developers & desiginers interrfering with each other.
Microsoft does not release every day a new build of .net framework, let's go back; tell me what are 2 .net framework versions should be released as one version??!! I challenge YOU CAN'T!!
Each .net framework version has its special properties just have a deep look.
I respect tagging this post under Personal opinion.

Youssef Mamdouh said...

sure it is a personal opinion, cuz when microsoft guys does what i object at, they are surely have an opinion that they are convinced with.
I dun want anybody to think like me, it is only my opinion in what is happening.
Actually the idea of mixing designers and developers as one guy will be always a failure, whatever you do about it. A lot of tools have tried to do this before and the result is not good. 3d Max for example is a very powerful tool, but those who use max script are mostly not designers, they have a developer for max script although it is not difficult at all. what i object at is the marketing guys who just invent fake titles and the worst are the people who follow those titles.
those who are deviners are either developers with a little sense of designing or designers with minor experience in programming, and at both cases the result will not be efficient.