Saturday, January 05, 2008

You Must Feel the Parameters..
I was sitting with my manager who was explaining my new task, she was telling me the functionality of the new class, as usual i saw real crap in the design , but anyway, i got accustomed to this, however, this time things got beyond any expectation; i was shown a method signature without parameters and part of my job was to feel the needed parameters while developing the module. i was really shocked to hear this from a senior software designer, the worst thing is that she tries to convince me that this is the way web applications get designed, i do not know if she realizes that i have a working mind that can not accept what she says or not.

Now, I'm trying to feel the parameters, imagine them, love them, and may be i will write them in a poem or something, or i will write a long story composed of 3 parts expressing my feelings towards the parameters and how they betrayed me by not showing up at the right time. I will advice my manager to write a technical book about the process of feeling a method's parameters, the book must be taught to all computer science students and developers all around the world to be able to feel parameters.

My lifetime project now is to develop a model on how to smell parameters. Depending on feelings might sometimes become weak due to psychological pressure. I will depend on my model on a Dog to be sitting side by side to the developer on a single computer machine to effectively smell parameters. The model will be an extension to extreme programming pair programming concept, but in this case, a developer must get dog food along with him to feed his co-developer.

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