Thursday, January 10, 2008

What is a wall?, A wall is an object that indicates dead ends or defines routes within buildings. The most important function of a wall is that it tells you; "do not go beyond me, I'm the end". If you are in a building, the wall indicates the end of the appartment, so you do not fall from above. A wall mostly does not exist as a standalone unit, however, it exists as a component in bigger units, for example; in a street, buildings on the both sides define the borders of your way so you can clearly know your limits.

There are many kinds of walls; brick walls, wooden walls, concrete walls, shielded walls, isolating walls, cloth walls, titanium walls. All previous walls are clear enough so you can avoid hitting them, because your mind can clearly identify the resulting impact of doing so, on the other side, the most dangerous kind of walls is what you can not see or identify, for example; wallpapers can act as a Disguising factor for underneath walls, so a very powerful wall might be coated with a very beautiful landscape of rivers, skies, birds and green areas. This kind of Disguise makes it really hard when you run towards the remarkable landscape and suddenly get shocked with an unexpected collision. I really appreciate Firewalls as they are very clear signs of do not even think to dare to get close.

Last but not least, take your time thinking about your chosen path to avoid hitting hard walls, inspect the walls carefully to know weather you can destroy them and get beyond or not, make sure that a wall is really as it looks like, prepare your self for very strong walls as you will encounter a lot of them in your life, and most important, retreat if you know a wall is very strong for you to get by.


khaled adel said...

ايه الحلاوة دي
ايه المقالات الجامدة دي
ايوا كده يا يوسف
لازم الواحد يشارك خبراته مع الأخرين عشان الكل يستفيد
بس المشكلة يا يوسف ان في حيطان مبتفهاش ولا بتحس بيها ولا بيبقى ليها اي علامات
بتطلع قدامك فجأة كده وانت ماشي ف امان الله
عاملة زي الحيطان بتاعت سيتي ستارز اللي بتنزل من السقف كده

Youssef Mamdouh said...

howa akeed ya 7`ales fe 7etan mesh betb2a bayna, bas bardo el wa7ed law fakar showaya momkin yefady walls keteer, walla eh? we ba3deen sharekna enta kaman be 7`ebratak ;) :D

Ala'a Ibrahim said...

v.v.nice post :) :)

Youssef Mamdouh said...

thanks ya al'aa :)

Ramy Mahrous said...

انا عاوز مثال من تجاربكوا انتوا الاتنين عن الحيطان بالذات الحيطان الي مبتفكرش انك تخبط فيها بعد كده تاني
اكيد طبعا يا الاء مش من وحي خبرات يوسف ولا اه ؟؟؟
ربنا يعافينا من الحيطان امين

Youssef Mamdouh said...

tab ma tetfadal enta el awel ya ramy tesharekna be 7`ebratak el mahoula, ana 3aref ennak wa7ed motamares fel 7aya, we 3andak men al 7`ebrat al katheer

أحمد عماد said...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
مساء الحيطان يا شباب
حلو قوي الموضوع دا بيفكرني بذكريات المقطم والكلام عن الحيطان
بس من باب تبادل الخبرات يعني
أنا أكبر حيطة خبطت فيها في حياتي
وسلام سلاح

Youssef Mamdouh said...

la ya 3emad el walls de 7aga wel geesh da mesh 7eeta
da sad 3aaaaaaaaaly awi awi :D :D
rabena ye3eenak ya 3am isa :D
we salaaaaaaaaaaaaam sela7

Ahmed Gamal said...

لا خدوا بقى مني الكلام المفيد من واحد جرب حيطة الجيش وجرب الحيطة الجبس العادية ، في حيطة بتاخذها وانت متضايق وعامل حسابك فمهما تكون الحيطة بتعدي ، انما في حيطة بتآخدها وانت رااااايق وعلى اقل من مهلك ، وبمزاجك العالي .... هوب تلاقي نفسك في الجروب بتاع
وابقوا اسألوا يوسف على الجروب الجديد ده ، وسلام سلاح :D

Anonymous said...

Very Good Article
we tab3an ana ma3ako fe mawdoo3 el 7etta dah ana leya se7aby keteer et7`abato fe el 7etta
we el bydaye2 en homa byrga3o ye7`bato feha tany we hayroo7lha tany we hay7`bato feha tany
3ahan keda i want to announce to our new group WWTF we men awel ahdaf el group dah en enta mesh hate7`bat fe wala 7etta :D
we bardo es2alo yossef 3aleh:D
MOhamed Reda