Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Egyptian Way..

As an Egyptian, i wondered many times why cant we raise our level in any field of production? What's the problem that prevents us from being superiors in any field?
Why can countries like Malaysia or japan make an industrial revolution in less than 50 years and we can not?. We do not lake any skills, we all know that Egyptians are very fast learners and hard workers by nature, so why???.
The answer is simply because we do not do any thing right, we always tend to do any thing using the Egyptian sense which really prove failure that we do not want to admit. As a software developer i can judge only my field correctly, however, all fields of production in egypt lake management very badly. No defined rules for anything, every thing is left to the sense of individuals which is the wrong itself. How can a group of people coming from different environments with different mentalities are expected to think the same way?. Why a one is called a manager if he/she cant coordinate and clearly define the roles of people and the standard way of communication between them?
Methodologies for developing any kind of projects have been evolving through years of experience considering theoretical, practical and try and error issues just to formulate better way of doing things over time. Egyptians always tend to throw other's experience away, and always insist on reinventing the wheel.In day to day relationships with other people, many Egyptians have the theory of i must do every thing myself to be right assuming that all people are not as clever as himself, in addition, we are very bad team workers, most of us just want to work alone without any co-operation with any one, he sees a team is just a waste of time, because co-operation means explanation and closely dealing with other people.
Why cant we just put right people in right positions?. people have different degrees of skills to work together each in his position. The worst thing is really at evaluation aspects, we always see the one doing things alone as a superior. In fields like software industry, teams must be closely related and have a very good deal of understanding, but in Egypt, a good developer from the manager's point of view is the one working without noise, without asking for things to go right, without demanding extra resources even if the resources are crucial. We do not have clear view of how to do things the right way and always there are people occupying unsuitable positions, this of course regarding our government, ministries, and any decision making positions.
From deep of my heart, i hope that one day we can understand why, what and how is a team.

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