Thursday, November 15, 2007

8 Reasons for men to hate women

Many women just wonder why men sometimes hate them? why sometimes men get very angry from them?. The reason is simply because men and women have different natures and different mentalities , but, sometimes both men and women forget this and expect the other nature to react the same as they do, " Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" explained this topic in a detailed manner, however, we are here now to show the perspective of men towards bad things in women, these bad things can be considered by women as good things :).

Reason 1: Impossible to understand
The 5th level of impossibility is to understand how a woman thinks, no matter how old is she, it is impossible to understand how a woman may think, sometimes you think that something will make her happy and you are surprised by the reaction of anger or sadness or mix of both :).
Women are not clear, there are always secrets and things to hide.

Reason 2:Difficult to satisfy
Satisfying a woman is a very tedious task, sometimes a simple red flower is enough, and many other times the flower is just a bad looking plant that will die in a couple of days. Sometimes you are the greatest man in the world, and many other times....!! you Know :).

Reason 3, Reason 4, Reason 5: Difficult to marry
Every man knows what is to marry a woman, a mountain of visible and invisible obstacles are there looking as an angry monster that insists on making things go wrong, also, thinking about the amount money that will be paid to be trapped with a woman for the rest of a man's life can sure make men hate women :).

Reason 6: Difficult to deal with
After marriage, suddenly the sweet weak little pussy cat turns into a tiger with the intention to attack and destroy, imagine how can a man deal with a tiger??!!

Reason 7: Difficult to Divorce!
"let's get divorced", said the woman. Whenever the couple face a problem or a contradiction between them, the first phrase said by a woman is "let's get divorced", this
is of course another hidden trap in the form of a solution. If the man slips into it, then another hell of problems shows up out of no where. Things are not that easy, and the trap is very tight.

Reason 8: Can not drive cars...
All of the previous reasons are not purely my personal opinion, as many of them are just a view of how most men think, however, this reason is from the deepest of my heart; WOMEN CAN NOT DRIVE CARS. When driving a car, she thinks that she is alone, not
only in the street, but in the whole world, getting from left to right and swinging between lanes is normal for women, she is always right and every body is wrong, and when they crash, the crying begins and the call for help is instantaneous.

Well, as i said before, these reasons are not all my personal opinion, however, the last one is really true and women must admit this fact :).
By th way, I'm not married.

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