Thursday, October 25, 2007

I`ll Miss the 7 Days a week Reunion!!!
The Evil Plan.

Well, we graduated and said good bye deep from our hearts, but the case is not like this. Me and my friends see each other may be more than we were seeing each other in college :), We go out a lot, either to play bowling or to drink juice from city drinks :D.
After about 1 month of graduation, a reunion for all the college was arranged, and many people attended it, not much, but a good number of people has shown up. Since that day we are having reunions almost every day :D, specially that many of our friends are going to military service this month, So, here is the scenario:

* The army decides an date for gathering.
* My friends tell me we have to go out before that day to do every thing we can do before that date.
* We go and spend a good amount of both time and money.
* The army delays the gathering date.
* and the cycle goes again :D.

A couple of days ago, the army decided the final day and did not delay it any more, and today, guys have gone to the training center for 45 continuous days, i`ll really miss them all, however, an evil idea popped up in my mind, i realized that they are in the army and i am not :D , so that's a good feeling :D , and i must go and visit them soon to laugh a little about the junior programmers who dress in green now :D :D, i will not go alone, hossam and shereef are like me, i think we will make a plan to use the situation and make them realize that the army is very bad :P :D ....
Any one has any suggestions ?? for example; a special present to make them suffer by somehow :D :D . I need your ideas to make this very bad :D :D :D and funny :D.
Allah be with us :D :D


khaled adel said...

you are really evil

Ahmed Essawy said...

and where is me ???? I am postponed ya KOKO :@
3ala fekra homa lesa mtslen 11.00 PM we mosh l2yen 7d ya5odhom men al geza :D .
belnesba lel plan ... 27na momken ngeb sandwichat men mo'nen mslan we nakolhom 7ata 25er 2tma :D 2bl ma ned5ol 3ndhom we ndehom wra2 al-sandwichat yrmoh :D:D .

Youssef Mamdouh said...

:D :D ah 3essawy aho bada2 yes7`an ma3aya aho :D ... 7elwa mo2men de :D..
yalla ya gama3a eh tany edouny aktar :D