Sunday, September 09, 2007

Why do we all love Google!!??

Have you ever asked yourself why do u love Google?
Out there, there people who are microsoft or Sun oriented but, either sides love google products and use them heavily. If we take a look at Google's products we'll find they are not Operating systems or complex tools or heavy duty servers or any other heavy IT products, so why do we love google?

Is it usability?
If we look at usability we'll find that google services is based on a very simple GUI, nothing is that attractive in terms of graphics and art but you can use services without any effort. Microsoft puts usability as the top priority in its products starting from windows to office to MSN spaces but, we do not love microsoft, we just use products from microsoft, Some of us like microsoft but the majority of people always complain from windows as an example inspite of being so easy to deal with.
So it's not usability.....

Is it Performance?
One of the key features of Google search engine is its high performance in terms of time and relevancy of results, that's of course a very strong attractive feature but, why don't we all love linux??, linux is a very powerful and stable operating system which proves itself every day however, many computer users see it complex and not user friendly even the Ubuntu family. Linux is thought to be for experienced users and software developers, so not all people love linux despite being so powerful.
So it's not performance....

Is it Reliability?
When you use google services you always find it responding and functioning properly even with huge number of users. A service like Google earth really acts very fast if you compare it to NASA's software (I do not remember its name) but, have you ever faced any kind of latency when you use yahoo services?, i do not think so, however, we do not love yahoo, we use yahoo but we do not love yahoo. If yahoo introduces a new service or product which is extremely efficient and powerful, it will take some time for people to know and start using it, on the other side, google services spread in no time.
So it's not reliability.....

Is it the way of advertisement?
If advertisement helps in making people love software products, then we would have fallen in love with microsoft a decade ago. Microsoft follows a heavy advertisement strategy to invade the mind of every PC user, that's an excellent strategy of course for marketing which helps in reaching more and more markets. What proves the success of this strategy is the stock exchange market; A microsoft share is much much higher other software giants shares (except for google), but after all, we do not love microsoft.
So it is not advertisement....

Uh, we got bored man, tell me why do we all love google!!??
From a personal point of view, the answer is very clear in the name of the company;Google. When people at google decide to make a product or a service they put on thick glass googles and look at every aspect that my affect users, They know that it is not only Usability, performance, Reliability or advertisement that guarantee success, but also they know that the customer is the most important factor in this, so, lets treat the user as a very intelligent developer that knows every thing about software engineering. Any computer user even experienced or not feels the power of google when using its services.

The major reason google became superior is innovation; you wont find any previous services presented the way google does it, even e-mail; gmail introduced a new concept of how a mail box can be used and how it is possible to integrate it with many other services. Every couple of days you find a new feature in gmail or an enhancement that really helps.

Advertisement at google takes place when you actually use a google service and find it really powerfull and amazing, then you make the advertisement for google by telling others to use it. Now, it is enough just to say that google introduced a new technology and by default people know that it is very powerfull.

The summary is that we can say that google had successfully implemented the word "PURAI++" which stands for Performance, Usability, Reliability, Advertisement and Innovations, the "++' here stands for extra innovation and extra factors that leads to success.
So that's why we all love google. :)

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