Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Trip of Hell
Friday,24 Aug, 7:00 Am:
Well, at last our big family decided to go on a trip on friday 24/8/07, we arranged every thing; cars, the place we are going to, food, water, every thing. The agreement was to meet at my Aunt's house at 6:30 Am to go together on the road, and surprisingly no body got late,WOW, that's a very good sign for the day.. OK, let's go, i tried to start the car but the car was not responding, we made an electrical connection with another car and got it working right. OK, let's GO again :D.

Friday, 24 Aug, 8:30 Am:
The trip was to rent a big house (Villa) on Cairo-Ismaleya desert road, i did not know where the house was, but my mom told me that she knows as she went there before, So, I lead the line but, we got lost, why!!??, because simply my mom confused the location of the house with another place they went to long time ago, Pretty uh!!??.
At last we could contact the office we rented the house from and told him my location that showed to be 40 km away from the house :S, WOW!!. So we took the first U-Turn and got to the house after great efforts.

Friday, 24 Aug, 9:30 Am:
We got there, i cant believe it!!, The house was very big with an excellent swimming pool in a covered area BUT, we have women with us who want to drop into the pool, so we agreed on that we (Men) will stay out until we pray the Friday prayer and then take control of the pool.
Sadly that day was one of the most hot days i have ever seen, we got fried out in the sun waiting for the prayer. Good trip:S :D!!!!

Friday, 24 Aug, 2:00 Pm:
WOW, we are in the water!!, great feeling to have. All what you want in a day like this is the pool and a source of fresh water to drink and get showers, Well, our luck showed to be bad enough as the main water pipe was broken by some labor working on connecting natural gas to the area. we stayed in the pool not caring about this because we did not want to be in bad temper.

Friday, 24 Aug, 4:00 Pm:
Launch, great. we had a barbecue and we have a lot of meat and chicken to eat BUT, all of this was not very well cooked due to mistakes, but we ate the good and left what was not , and still no water.

Friday, 24 Aug, 5:30 Pm:
We got water from somewhere in about 6 or 7 bottles which got empty very soon of course.

Friday, 24 Aug, 7:00 Pm:
Me and my cousin decided to go outside to find someplace to have cold drinks, and was a mistake of course, the car dived into a very deep and smooth sand and stuck there for about 45 minutes until we saw a heavy duty transport car which has a great driver equipped with every thing to get us out of this, and he did it, really thanks for this guy.

Friday,24 Aug, 8:00 Pm:
We got back to the house after that great problem, to find that my niece's fiancé lost his engagement ring in the swimming pool, we spent about half an hour looking for it but we did not find it, GREAT TRIP!!!

Friday, 24 Aug, 9:00 Pm:
We are on the way home and the way is very crowded even at the end of the desert road, all Egyptian people are in the streets, i had to give my grand mother a ride to home before i go home.

Friday,24 Aug, 10:30 Pm:
An hour and a half to my grand mother's home which normally takes almost the half of this time, any way, my grand mother got home, and i decided to take another way to go home in order to avoid crowd. Just after we moved a car hit me and we had to make a stop to fix my car as the guy who hit me was a mechanic, Thank allah.

Friday, 24 Aug, 11:00 Pm:
Carrefour, the biggest hyper market in Egypt, i had to go this way to reach home, and of course it is Friday, So, a 100 meter road took me 30 Minutes to pass, at this time i was really exhausted enough to take anymore, a bad stomachache pained me very much, and it took another 45 min to reach home.

Friday, 24 Aug, 11:45 Pm:
HOOOOOME, at last. the best to describe what i did at home is that i died on the bed after a shower at midnight.

Saturday,25 Aug, 1:30 Pm:
I waked up after 13 hours of sleep to find ahmed gamal calling me to go shams club. which is of course the impossible itself for me.

Now, i'm trying to heal from all what happened and may be i will not go on trips again for a year or something.


isso said...

looool! that was really cool day joe.. it's not hell .. i had the same friday 24 aug trip :D to ras sudr but it was great ... we were 35 people in 2 rooms looool

HOssam Sadik said...

loool, da enta na7s fe3lan :D :D

a3'ezak shwyia: e7na ba2a ro7na alnady le3bna shwyia kora 3ala matgam3na w nzelna al pool ( ana, Gamal, 3essawy, ZaZa :D:D-kan gamd moot-, Reda, Shreef, Nabil) mn alsa3a 1-4.30 w e7na filmaya w m2adynha l3b, 2a3dna sa3ten at least bnel3ab b 3'ata 2zaza Aqua :D:D.

bas kan yom gamd gedan :P :P - 3alshan ba3d keda t2oly hagy w matgesh ya ... -

yalla happy Trip, t3esh w ta7'od 3'erha :D :D

Ahmed Essawy said...

المنحوس منحوس و لو حطلو علي راسه فانوس
مع يوسف مش حتقدر تغمض عنيك .

sh@dy said...

ana ba2ale qarn mesh ba2ra l post dah 3ala eno 3an l gesh we ba3den lama 3ereft eno mafesh gesh le syetak areto we ektashaft l moseba :D